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Dance Studios

​What do the studios need to know? How do they get started?
The Dancing Lions Foundation provides support and advocacy to help studios who are interested in starting programs for special needs dancers. Every situation is unique and the founders of our foundation have first-hand experience with startup programs as well as ongoing dance curriculum and welcome the opportunity to work with interested dance instructors to start a program at their Studio. Dancing Lions Foundation representatives are happy to come on site and provide one-on-one program development consultation. Dancers are invited to compete at the annual Dancing Lions Foundation Ballroom Competition free of charge.

Is there a specific contact for them?
Dance instructors at studios interested in learning how to set up a special needs dance curriculum are invited to contact Tommy DiTommaso of Dance Champions at 727-480-4420 or by email:

Does the Dancing Lions Foundation charge studios? Are there any special requirements?
As a non-profit organization, the Dancing Lions Foundation provides its services free of charge to interested studios. As a consultant, members from our foundation will provide guidance, suggested curriculum, and programmatic content that have been successful in other programs it is affiliated with. Any regulations or requirements that may be required by local or state licensing and law may apply.  Each studio is encouraged to explore those options with the appropriate agencies and/or their own business consultants.

Parents looking to get their child enrolled

How does a parent or a student sign up?
Below is a list of studios that have active special needs instructional dance programs and are affiliated with the Dancing Lions Foundation. We expect this list to continue to grow! Contact them directly for more information about their programs, classes, schedules and costs.

1.   Dance Champions, Inc.| Tommy DiTommaso.

      12107 72nd Way, Largo, FL  33773 | (727) 480-4420  

2.   Dynasty Dance Studio | Sarah Haworth

      2272 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34237 | (941) 955-8558


What if there's no program in my area, how do I get one started with a local studio?
Tell the studio owner about Dancing Lions Foundation. Share our website or Facebook page, encourage them to contact Tommy DiTommaso of Dance Champions at 727-480-4420 or by email: We’ll be in touch with them quickly and be happy to work with them to establish a program at your local studio that you and your child can participate in. You can also send us a note via our online contact form and provide the name of the studio, a contact there and a phone number, and we'll be happy to reach out to the studio owner directly.


What are the costs involved to participate in the annual ballroom dance competition?
The annual ballroom dance competition hosted by the Dancing Lions Foundation is free for both participants and attendees. Through donations of goods, services and money, we strive to provide costumes, music, the venue and everything needed for special needs participants to enjoy this friendly and competitive event.

What are the costs to take lessons at a studio?
Cost for dance lessons varies from studio to studio, and Dancing Lions Foundation has no involvement in the programs as they are managed by independent dance studios. Contact the Studios directly for more information and schedules.

Can the competing dancers bring family and friends to the event?
Of course! We encouraged and welcome all audience members to the annual ballroom competition. It's a family friendly and fun event for all.




What types of opportunities are available?
Our organization is run 100% by volunteers who believe in the power of dance. There are many opportunities available including setting up a fundraising event, volunteering at a local studio or fundraising event or at our annual ballroom dance competition.

In preparation for and at our annual ballroom dance event, we welcome donations for the following:


  • Costume design - create the look for dancers by designing clothes and accessories that fit the theme of the show or a specific dance number. 

  • Dance instruction - professional instruction in a caring and nurturing environment to students of all ages.

  • Dance partner support – help the dancers prepare for their performance and also dance the dance with them, if and as needed.

  • Music preparation- securing digital music, editing, transposing, transcribing, composition, orchestration, arranging, and other services.

  • Makeup or hair services – provide stage make-up and hair services for performances.

  • Travel arrangements – investigate and book travel arrangements for families attending and participating in the event.

  • Photography or video of the event – provide high-resolution photos, event photography, movement and dance videography.  Overall photography of event and individual performances. 

  • Public relations – help provide professional maintenance of a favorable public image of Dancing Lions Foundation on social media, print and all other media outlets.

  • Event support – provide overall event support through coordination of various activities the day of the event. Backstage help keeping dancers ready for their numbers, prop movement, costume adjustments, last minute hair adjustments, overall management of backstage environment.

  • Advertising – provide ad space and/or media partners for the event.



Are there specific sponsorship levels?
Yes! All of our sponsors are recognized at our annual event, on our Facebook page, website and any and all media coverage of the foundation or the annual dance competition.
                Diamond $2500
                Platinum $1000
                Gold $500
                Silver $250
                Bronze $100

How does someone hold a fundraiser to benefit the Dancing Lions Foundation?
Almost any kind of event can be set up as a fundraiser and if you'd like to create one, we'd be grateful. Almost any kind of event can be a successful fundraiser and we'd be happy to brainstorm with you and provide promotional support and participate any way we can! Contact Tommy DiTommaso or Mary Fuller at  We look forward to working with you to "trip the light fantastic" at your next event!

What are donations used for?
All donations to the Dancing Lions Foundation are used to support our annual event and the operating expenses of the organization. As a 100% volunteer-based team, no salaries are drawn. All funds raised and donated go toward our efforts to promote dancing opportunities for special needs children and adults. The majority of all funds go toward our annual competitive ballroom event which is free of charge for participants and attendees.

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