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Trip the light fantastic

We do what we do because we love dance and want others, especially special needs children and adults, to know the joy and happiness it brings.  We're thrilled when we hear from you!  Want to share your story?  Contact us.

Rosanna Schmidt



A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Mary Fuller and Tommy Ditommaso for establishing The Dancing Lions Foundation in order to provide people with special needs an opportunity to dance, show off their dancing skills, and to perform at wonderful ballroom venues. My daughter and her Dynasty Stars friends look forward to this inspirational event each year. It brings tears to my eyes to see our kids and young adults perform and to be afforded such a warm inviting environment to shine. ❤️ Thank you!

Deb Gerardi



​The [Dancing] Lions Foundation is enabling all people with special needs the opportunity to showcase their dancing through special events such as this. We applaud your efforts and are eternally grateful for the opportunity.

Roxanne Leonard_FB.jpg

Roxanne Leonard



An awesome experience we never thought would be available for our daughter with dyspraxia!!!! She looks forward to the experience so much and hopes to go for her third performance next September.

Rolanda Kaiser-Andrade



My sincerest gratitude to the Dancing Lions Foundation, a wonderful group who saw the love of dance in these amazing children and young adults and how it has changed their lives and ours! Thank you for giving them the opportunity to shine and share their dance with others! Thank you for your vision and your support ...for providing them a beautiful, loving environment where they can express themselves, their talents...where they can dance from the heart and feel on top of the world! Thank you.

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